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Biyuhe Hydropower Station Hydraulic Hoist Procurement Tender Notice

Biyuhe Hydropower Station Hydraulic Hoist Procurement Tender Notice

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Biyuhe Hydropower Station Hydraulic Hoist Procurement Tender Notice

Procurement of hydraulic headstock gear for Biyuhe Hydropower Station
Tender announcement
Yunnan Datang International Biyuhe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "tenderer", "contractor" or "owner") intends to purchase hydraulic headstock gear for the Biyuhe Level 4 Hydropower Station in Lanping County, Yunnan Province (contract number: BYH- (2020)044) Open bidding is conducted, and potential bidders who meet the qualification requirements are welcome to bid.
1. Project Overview
The Biyu River Level 4 Hydropower Station is located in the Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County (Lanping County) of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture (Nujiang Prefecture). It is a hybrid development hydropower station with power generation as its main source. The dam site is located at the intersection of Biyu River and Gongjiang River. About 0.5km downstream of Biyu River, a first-level tributary of Lancang River, the site is located in the lower reaches of Duoyi Village on the left bank of Lancang River; the main buildings of the project include river dams, water discharge structures, and water diversion and power generation buildings. The total reservoir capacity is 34.03 million m3 , The total installed capacity of the power station is 100MW, which is a medium-scale Ⅲ grade hydropower project.
The power station is equipped with two 50MW Francis turbine generator sets with a head range of 340.10m~397.93m and a total installed capacity of 100MW. The power station is developed by water diversion, and the development task is mainly to generate electricity. During the flood season from June to September, the inflow of the reservoir is relatively abundant, and the power station output is relatively large. The power station works in the power system with waist load and base load. From October to May in the non-flood season, the working position of the power station in the power system is at waist load. Peak load work.
The project has good external traffic conditions. The main road transportation route is: Kunming-Chuxiong-Dali-Jianchuan-Tongdian-Hexi-Biyuhe Power Station, with a highway mileage of about 637km. In addition, the Dali-Lijiang railway has been opened to traffic, with a mileage of about 162.4 kilometers.
2. Bidding method
Independent public bidding, post-qualification review.
3. Scope of bidding
This bidding is for the design, manufacturing, supply and technical services of the following equipment:
Serial number
Project equipment name
Capacity (kN)
Working stroke (m)
2500/500kN hydraulic hoist for diversion tunnel
2×2800kN hydraulic hoist for spillway tunnel
Place of delivery: On-site delivery of Biyuhe IV Hydropower Station.
Delivery time: one-off delivery, delivery time May 2021 (tentatively, the specific delivery time is subject to the written notice of the tenderer)
Fourth, bidder qualification requirements
1. The bidder must be a domestic industrial and commercial administrative registration, registration, independent legal person qualification, and a hydraulic metal structure manufacturing and installation license (medium-sized and above hydraulic hoist) issued by the relevant state departments, and should have similar The product has been successfully used in hydropower stations for more than three years. The bidder shall provide copies of business license, production license, design qualification and other qualifications and performance certificates.
2. The bidder should have a good business reputation and performance, and be well received by users.
3. The bidder should have a good financial position and sufficient liquidity to undertake the manufacturing and supply of equipment under the bidding project. The asset-liability ratio of the bidder in 2019 should not be higher than 85%. The bidding documents should be accompanied by an audited 2017 Financial statements for the fiscal years of 2018, 2018, and 2019, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, and credit certificates issued by banks.
4. Bidders, their subcontractors and outsourcing (outsourcing) parties must pass the ISO9000 quality certification and submit a copy of the certification in the bidding documents. Bidders and their subcontractors and outsourcing (outsourcing) persons can take effective quality assurance and quality control measures for design and manufacturing in accordance with ISO9000 family standards to ensure the quality of design and manufacturing.
5. The projects that the bidders are performing and are preparing to undertake shall not affect the on-time completion and delivery of the equipment for the bidding project.
6. Qualifications of the main personnel: the main personnel who perform the management, design, testing, manufacturing process, quality control and assurance of the equipment of the contract project, and technical guidance and supervision of on-site installation, commissioning and acceptance testing must be of similar Persons responsible for equipment design, testing, manufacturing process, quality control, installation, commissioning and acceptance.
7. Bidders must meet the following technical qualifications:
Regardless of whether the gate hoist is designed by itself or commissioned, it must have the corresponding design qualification and performance. Bidders must have the successful production of arc gate hydraulic hoists with a capacity of 2x2800kN or more and a stroke of ≥8m in the past 10 years, and have been operating normally in the power station for two years or more with satisfactory results. It is necessary to provide a copy of the contract of related performance and user certification materials of the normal operation of the product.
8. The tenderee does not accept the bidder's manufacturing on site;
9. Units falling into one of the following situations cannot participate in the bidding:
(1) Consortium;
(2) The supervisor or designer who has been hired for this contract;
(3) Units prohibited from bidding in Yunnan by relevant departments of Yunnan Province.
V. Time and place for the sale of bidding documents
The bid will be available for bidding documents (on-site purchase or remittance purchase) from 8:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time, the same below) from October 15th to October 24th, 2020. Each set of bidding documents is priced at 1,000 yuan, and only financial receipts are provided, and they are non-refundable.
Bidders who purchase the bidding documents on site should bring their own U disk or mobile hard disk to copy the electronic files of the bidding documents; bidders who purchase the bidding documents not on site can purchase the bidding documents by remittance. After the bidding fee is paid, the bidder will give it to the bidder Send the electronic version of the bidding documents and mail the financial receipt to the bidder.
No matter which method of purchase, the bidder must provide the following certification documents with the official seal of the unit when purchasing the bidding documents:
1. A copy of the business license that passed the annual review or a copy of the legal person certificate of the institution;
2. Certificate of legal representative or power of attorney of legal representative;
3. Copy of ID card of legal representative or authorized representative of bidder;
4. The name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person of the bidder (see the table below for the format).
Name of bidder
Name and phone number of authorized representative
Receipt mailing address and recipient
The bidder who purchases the bidding documents by remittance shall provide the scanned copy of the above 1~4 proof documents as well as the scanned copy of the remittance voucher as the basis of purchase, and send it to the e-mail address in Article 10 of this Bidding Announcement.
Bidders who remit to purchase the bidding documents should remit the purchase price of the bidding documents to the following account before October 24, 2020:
Account name: Yunnan Datang International Biyu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
Account number: 24153101040015084
Account Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County Branch
6. Deadline for submission of tender documents and place of tender
The deadline for submission of bid documents is 9:30 on November 10, 2020, at the first meeting room of Yawang Energy Group, Room 801, Shuangnan Commercial Center, No.326 Shuangnan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the tenderee can only submit bid documents by mail (or send and leave), and indicate "XX company Yunnan Datang hydraulic hoist document" when mailing. The mailing method is as follows:
Mailing address: Yawang Energy Group, Room 801, Fugang Commercial Center, No.326 Shuangnan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Recipient: Zhang Zhonghua (15982072776)
All bidders are requested to fully consider the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the express delivery business. The tenderer will not accept the tender documents that are delivered overdue or not delivered to the designated location; the tender documents that have not paid the bid bond shall be handled as an abandoned bid.
7. Time and place of bid opening
Bid opening time: 9:30 on November 10, 2020;
Bid opening location: Room 801, Yawang Energy Group, Room 801, Shuangnan Commercial Center, No.326 Shuangnan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.
During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the legal representatives of all bidders can attend the bid opening meeting in video at that time, and the method of video participation in the bid opening (including software download, account password, etc.) will be notified to the bidders 2 days before the bid opening. If the time and place for bid opening are adjusted, the tenderer will inform the bidder in the form of a clarification addendum.
8. Tender announcement media
Media for the announcement of the bidding of this bidding project:
Yawang Energy Group official website (http://www.yetop.com.cn/)
China Purchasing and Bidding Network (http://www.chinabidding.com.cn/)
China Bidding Information Network (http://www.chinazbcg.com/index.action//)
9. Other
1. This tender does not accept consortium bids. Bidders are not allowed to submit more than two different bidding documents for the same bidding project; no bidder is allowed to jointly bid on the same bidding project with other bidders in any other way.
2. The bidder shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in preparing and conducting the bid; if it is necessary to survey the site, the tenderer will provide convenience, and the expenses and risks incurred thereby shall be borne by the bidder.
3. Both bidding and bidding parties shall keep confidential the commercial and technical secrets involved in the bidding documents and bidding documents of the other party respectively, and offenders shall be liable for the consequences caused thereby.
4. If the company has been included in the list of untrustworthy enforcement by the court, and the shareholder's equity has been sealed or frozen, it shall refuse to register and shall not participate in the bidding.
10. Contact
Tenderer: Yunnan Datang International Biyu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
Address: Campsite of Xinfa Village, Hexi Township, Lanping County, Yunnan
Contact: Zhu Ming Zhao Xiaodong (Technology)
Phone: 18788975525 15202988677
E-mail: zhuming@yetop.com.cn
Yunnan Datang International Biyu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
October 15, 2020
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