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Yetop Hydropower Group

Guangxi Yetop Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of RMB 2.147 billion. At present, the company has invested a total of 1.0625 million kilowatts of hydropower under construction and in operation, and other developable hydropower resources of 2.846 million kilowatts. After 15 years of continuous development, Yetop Hydropower Group has cultivated a team of high-quality professionals in hydropower project construction, hydropower operation, and power investment and financing. At present, in addition to 9 hydropower project companies under construction and in operation, and 11 hydropower stations under Guangxi Wang Hydropower Group, the company has also actively established Yawang Power Engineering Development Company, Yetop Electricity Sales Management Company, and Yawang Electromechanical Technology Development Company. And other professional companies supporting development. Guangxi Yetop Hydropower Group is currently able to effectively manage and promote the construction of three medium-sized and above hydropower projects at the same time.

Guangxi Yetop Hydropower Group website: www.yetophp.com.cn

Sichuan Mulishawan Hydropower Station
Guangxi Baise Wacun Hydropower Station
Sichuan Yanyuan Changbai Hydropower Station
Jianzishan Hydropower Station in Meishan, Sichuan
Yunnan Biyuhe Hydropower Station
Sichuan Dechang Xiaogaoqiao Hydropower Station
Hongyanzi Hydropower Station in Southern Sichuan

Hong Kong: 11th Floor, Metropolis Building, 10 Metropolis Drive, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Group Headquarters: 17th Floor, Dunhuang Building, Zizhu 6th Road, Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen

Chengdu Supervision Center: 8th Floor, Fugang Commercial Center, 326 Shuangnan Road, Chengdu, China

Group Nanning Branch: Room 4612, building west of Qingxiu District Wanda Plaza, Qingxiu district, Nanning city