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Newsletter of October 9

  • Author:Securities Affairs Headquarters
  • Origin:Yawang Energy Group
  • Time of issue:2020-11-05
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Newsletter of October 9

1. Macroeconomic news
SAFE: On October 7, the latest data on the scale of foreign exchange reserves released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange showed that as of the end of September 2020, my country's foreign exchange reserves stood at US$3142.6 billion, a decrease of US$22 billion or 0.7% from the end of August.
Central Bank: According to the news on the central bank’s website on October 9, in September 2020, in order to maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system, and to combine the liquidity needs of financial institutions, the People’s Bank of China carried out a total of 600 billion yuan in facilitation operations for medium-term lending of financial institutions with a period of 1 year. , The interest rate is 2.95%. The balance of mid-term loan facilities at the end of the period was 4,100 billion yuan.
China Automobile Association: According to the statistics of key enterprises in the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales volume of the automobile industry in September is estimated to be 2.572 million, an increase of 13.3% year-on-year; from January to September, the cumulative sales of the automobile industry is estimated to be 17.123 million , A year-on-year decrease of 6.8%.
      Xinhua News Agency: According to Xinhua News Agency, a survey report released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan on October 9 showed that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic on people’s travel and consumption, Japan’s actual household consumption expenditure continued to decline in August, 6.9% year-on-year, and 1.7% month-on-month increase. .
2. Capital market news
A shares got off to a good start in October. A-shares ushered in the first trading day in October today. The three major indexes rose collectively. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index closed up by 1.68% to 3,272.08 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 2.96% to close at 13,289.26 points; the ChiNext Index had the strongest trend. The increase reached 3.81% and closed at 2672.93 points. The market volume expanded, with a total turnover of 711.3 billion yuan in the two cities.
Establish a reasonable pension management system and coordinate with the development of the capital market. Zhou Xiaochuan, the president of the Chinese Finance Society, recently published a paper in "China Finance" that it is necessary to establish a reasonable pension management system and cooperate well with the development of the capital market. From a longer historical stage, the possibility of maintaining and increasing the value of (pension funds) still depends on the capital market.
This year, 304 new shares were issued, mostly on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Securities Times statistics show that as of October 9th, there were 304 listed companies IPO this year, with a total of 381.98 billion yuan. According to statistics by different sectors, this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has issued 70 new shares, raising 93.517 billion yuan; 39 new shares issued on the small and medium-sized board, raising 26.392 billion yuan; 81 new shares issued on the ChiNext, raising 71.958 billion yuan; Science and Technology Innovation Board 114 new shares were issued and 190.113 billion yuan was raised.
3. power industry news
Energy News: The latest forecast report recently released by the international rating agency Fitch shows that in the next 10 years, the global new installed capacity of renewable energy will exceed 1.4 terawatts, accounting for 2/3 of the total global new installed capacity. Among them, the contribution of photovoltaics will exceed that of wind power and become an important force leading the development of renewable energy power.
Polaris Power Network: According to reports, the Suwalong Power Station plans to complete an investment of 1.6 billion yuan throughout the year. As of the end of August, the total investment for the year was 703,161,700 yuan, which is 43.95% of the annual investment plan.
Four, industrial energy storage industry news
Sichuan Provincial People's Government: Recently, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Certain Policies and Measures to Support the Development of New Energy and Smart Automobile Industry in Sichuan Province." Encourage the research and development of advanced new products, and support the new energy passenger cars, buses, trucks and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles newly developed by enterprises in the province.
Power Battery Network: On October 6, news from foreign media reported that Indonesia stated that Tesla is making a potential investment in Indonesia, and the Indonesian government is currently in early negotiations with Tesla’s team.
Gaogong Lithium Battery: Foreign media reported that Japanese companies have accelerated their investment in the lithium battery industry in recent years, intending to build a global lithium battery raw material supply network. Softbank, Toyota, and Sumitomo are all "focusing" on overseas cobalt and lithium resources.


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