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Newsletter of October 13

  • Author:Securities Affairs Headquarters
  • Origin:Yawang Energy Group
  • Time of issue:2020-11-06
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Newsletter of October 13

1. Macroeconomic news
General Administration of Customs: On October 13, the General Administration of Customs released data. The total value of my country's import and export of goods in the first three quarters was 23.12 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.7%, and the cumulative growth rate of foreign trade imports and exports turned positive for the first time this year.
Securities Times: On October 13, a number of institutions predicted that after the social financing scale doubled in August, the scale of new social financing may decrease in September, but it is still expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan. Among them, local government bonds continue to support social financing. In September, the net financing of government bonds exceeded 900 billion yuan, a decrease from the 1.36 trillion yuan in August.
Xinhua News Agency: According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Israeli Ministry of Finance issued a report on the 12th that in the year ended September 30 this year, the Israeli government’s budget deficit hit a record high of 123.5 billion NIS (1 US dollar equals 3.39 NIS Kerr).
2. Capital market news
The A-share gains have moderated today. Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index rose slightly by 0.04% to close at 3,359.75 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose slightly by 0.66% to close at 13798.58 points; the ChiNext Index rose slightly by 0.26% to close at 2784.72 points. Market volume shrank, with a total of 834.9 billion yuan in transactions between the two cities.
Since the beginning of this year, 38 A-share state-owned enterprises have completed a major reorganization. According to the statistics of the Securities Times, nearly 100 A-share state-owned listed companies have announced major restructuring processes this year, 38 companies have completed the reorganization, 48 companies are still in progress, and 11 companies have announced that the reorganization has failed.
725 three quarterly reports forecast nearly 50% of the pre-happy. As of October 13, a total of 725 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have released their 2020 three-quarter performance forecasts. Among them, the number of pre-xi companies reached 352, accounting for 48.55%.
55 Sci-tech Innovation Board companies announced their first three quarters performance forecasts, with 18 shares expected to increase. As of October 13, 55 companies have announced their performance forecasts for the first three quarters. The type of performance forecast shows that there are 18 companies that are expected to increase, and the proportion of Annunciation companies is 32.73%; there are 9 companies that are expected to decline in performance and 7 companies are expected to lose money.
3.power industry news
Hunan Development and Reform Commission: Recently, the Hunan Development and Reform Commission has approved the on-grid electricity price of newly commissioned hydropower projects at 0.36 yuan/kWh. Fengshuiping Hydropower Station in Dongkou County, Luogan Hydropower Station in Xinning County, and Shuikoushan Secondary Hydropower Station in Xinhua County are run-off hydropower projects to be put into operation after 2019, and their installed capacity is less than 20,000 kilowatts.
Southern Energy Regulatory Bureau: On October 12, the Southern Energy Regulatory Bureau and Guangxi Electric Power Trading Center held discussions and exchanges, listening to opinions and suggestions on revising and improving Guangxi Electric Power's medium and long-term trading rules, and standardizing and advancing power market-oriented trading.
Hubei Energy: Affected by the substantial increase in water inflows in the river basin compared to the same period last year, the net profit of Hubei Energy in the first three quarters is expected to be 2.263-2.616 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49.41%-72.75%.
4. industrial energy storage industry news
China Automobile Association: On October 13, the China Automobile Association released the latest production and sales data. This month, the production and sales of new energy vehicles set a new historical record for September. In September, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 136,000 and 138,000 respectively, a year-on-year increase of 48.0% and 67.7%.
Travel Federation: October 13th, the Travel Federation proposed that the fiscal and taxation policies that encourage the development of new energy vehicles should continue to be implemented from 2021 to 2025.
Ningde Times: As of 14:00 on the 12th, the market value of the Ningde Times has reached a new high, with a total market value of 542.535 billion yuan and a stock price of 232.73 yuan per share, an increase of 3.5%.
LG Chem: According to foreign media reports on October 12, LG Chem expects the company’s third-quarter operating profit to be 902 billion won (approximately US$785 million), a year-on-year increase of 158.7%.
Ganfeng Lithium: On October 13, news, in order to build a competitive polymer lithium battery production base, Ganfeng Lithium plans to invest 3 billion yuan to build a high-end polymer lithium battery research and development and production base construction project.

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