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Talent Concept

Talent Concept


Respect talents

We pay attention to cultivating the independent personality of employees, respecting their personal dignity and various rights, so that they can feel the understanding, care and help from the corporate family, and then have a real sense of identity, security, and belonging to the company to ensure Stable talent structure.

Make good use of talents

We have established an objective and fair talent competition mechanism to provide good system support for talents to realize their potential. The open position competition and performance appraisal for all employees have formed a high-quality platform for talents to maximize the potential of employees. The open talent view enables Yetop Energy Group to attract elites from all walks of life, thereby continuously promoting the strong development of the enterprise.

Treat talents well

We have established a scientific and reasonable salary and welfare system to ensure a market-competitive salary and welfare level, and provide employees with rich salary incentives through a flexible reward mechanism.

Training talents

We promote the common progress of the company and employees by establishing a training mechanism that matches the development of the company. The growth of employees and the company is the consistent persistence of Yetop Energy Group. We have formulated a systematic vocational training plan for all employees so that they can always stand at the forefront of the times and calmly deal with all challenges. A good talent training mechanism enables Yetop Energy Group to ensure the implementation of the company's future development strategy.

Yetop employees "delegated promotion training" or "upgraded to temporary training"

In order to make the Yawang manager team become a high-quality talent team capable of responding to the challenges of cruel market competition in the future, large-scale development of the company, and high-quality development, the group must pass performance evaluation and evolution evaluation from the "Yetop Cadre Reserve Talent Pool" every year , Level-by-level recommendation, etc., select outstanding employees with both ability and political integrity to be assigned to the basic company for training, or increase the group company’s temporary training (including the headquarters of Yetop Energy Group and the headquarters of the secondary industry group), so as to provide Conduct professional training on basic management experience of the company, or management knowledge or basic experience in two aspects of high-end development planning of the company, and help the group in the five aspects of "comprehensive company management, company safety production, company technology research and development, company marketing, company financial finance" In this regard, it has cultivated a group of high-quality senior executives and mid-level talents; it calls it the "Asia King 5+5 Talent Strategy".

Salary and benefits of Yawang people

Yetop Energy Group requires all controlled companies under Yetop to implement the core corporate culture, core values, and core management systems stipulated in the "Yetop Basic Law"-"Group Basic Management Regulations". The salary and welfare system of Yetop Energy Group is one of the core management systems of the group. Annual income of Yawang employees = 1 job salary + 2 job performance appraisal income + 3 annual commission awards + 4 special contribution awards + 5 statutory benefits-6 annual penalties


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